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January 5, 2024

Solutions for effective occlusion handling in dynamic settings

How Tracevision's advanced occlusion-handling transforms real-world data into actionable business insights

At the heart of TraceVision's innovation is our advanced approach to overcoming occlusions—a common yet complex challenge in vision AI. Occlusions occur when objects or individuals block each other from the camera's view, a situation frequently encountered in dynamic, real-world environments. TraceVision's solution is not just about detecting these occlusions but intelligently navigating through them.

The Core of Our Strategy:

  • Sophisticated Appearance Recognition: Our algorithm goes beyond basic shape and color detection. It analyzes intricate appearance features like patterns, attire details, and even subtle movement characteristics. This depth of analysis ensures that even when an individual or object is partially obscured, our system maintains accurate tracking.
  • Predictive Trajectory Mapping: Utilizing advanced predictive algorithms, TraceVision forecasts the likely paths of obscured objects or individuals. This prediction is based on historical movement data, contextual understanding of the environment, and real-time analytics. By anticipating where and how these entities will reappear, our system ensures seamless tracking continuity.

Transforming Business Operations: Beyond Technology

TraceVision's occlusion-handling capabilities are not just a technological triumph—they are a gateway to transformative business advantages.

Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy:
  • Retail Environment: In crowded stores, accurately tracking customer movements and interactions can be pivotal for optimizing store layout and product placements. Our technology ensures continuous tracking, providing deep insights into customer behavior patterns, even in densely populated areas. This leads to data-driven decisions that can significantly boost sales and enhance the customer experience.
  • Manufacturing and Logistics: In these sectors, uninterrupted tracking of assets and personnel is crucial for operational efficiency and safety. TraceVision's ability to maintain consistent tracking through occlusions ensures that no critical detail is missed, leading to more streamlined workflows, better inventory management, and enhanced safety protocols.
Boosting Security and Compliance:
  • Surveillance and Public Safety: In areas like airports or public squares, maintaining uninterrupted surveillance is key for security. Our technology's proficiency in handling occlusions ensures that individuals of interest are continuously monitored, bolstering security measures and aiding in incident prevention and investigation.
  • Data Integrity and Compliance: In industries where regulatory compliance is critical, ensuring the accuracy and continuity of data is paramount. TraceVision's robust tracking capabilities aid in maintaining high data integrity standards, essential for regulatory compliance and operational transparency.
Erica de la Canal
Algorithm Developer
Sebastien Karo
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