An integrated suite combining all Tracevision AI products and services, designed for seamless interconnectivity.

Tracevision Platform Features

Scale your computer vision capabilities with a la carte products that meet your needs. Designed for seamless interconnectivity, Tracevision can streamline your development cycle and quickly gather training data to solve a wide range of problems.
Global Identity is a lightweight neural signature comprised of unique identity vectors that provide people and objects with a unique tracking identity. This ID is maintained across various cameras and locations and can persevere through occlusions and last for days. The technology can be used to track people and vehicles.
Anomaly Detection is a “sixth sense” observation technology that detects unexpected situations and conditions whether positive or negative. Using vast amounts of video data, Tracevision can identify deviations from normal behavior or expected patterns.
Real-time Alerts harnesses the power of Tracevision's core technology to run a real-time detection engine capable of generating alerts based on high specific scenarios. Users have the flexibility to create custom alerts tailored to detect anomalous behaviors, identify IDs outside of designated working hours, detect mismatches between Person IDs and Vehicle IDs, monitor dwell time, and more.
Forensics, Tracevision’s premier search tool, enables users to quickly comb through hours of footage to find key people and events they are looking for. Search by physical characteristics, or select a person of interest and have their entire journey automatically clipped for your review.
Global Search enables various site locations to communicate with each other, allowing a network effect to enhance the power of your video technology. Each managed location gains the ability to receive instantaneous alerts when an incident occurs at a neighboring site, enabling proactive vigilance for flagged vehicles and individuals of interest.

The Power of Core Data

Core data provides a distinct global identifier for vehicles, individuals, or any object, facilitating comprehensive information storage over extended durations. This longitudinal tracking capability enables analysts to effectively manipulate and analyze data over time, giving them the power to use data in new and innovative ways.

Tracevision is hardware agnostic and able to fit seamlessly into a wide range of environments.

Cloud Solution
Utilize our cloud-based offering to seamlessly upload video content via our API for processing by the TraceVision engine. This comprehensive solution includes Global Identity, Anomaly Detection, and our Forensics capabilities.
Edge Solution
Deploy our on-premises solution, leveraging our SDK to install the TraceVision engine directly onto your devices.
Hybrid Solution
Merging the strengths of our Cloud and Edge products. Benefit from significant edge processing to reduce cloud costs, followed by streamlined metadata uploading at a fraction of the cost and size. This inclusive solution features Global Identity, Anomaly Detection, Forensics, and Global Search functionalities.